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Meet AEVA™. Aerial Electric Visual Assistant

Meet AEVA™. Aerial Electric Visual Assistant

AEVA™ | Aerial Electric Visual Assistant
Meet AEVATM | Aerial Electric Visual Assistant

  • IP65 Construction
  • Gimbaled Day/Night/IR Vision
  • Stealthy Ducted Rotors
  • No landing Gear
  • Autonomous Operation
  • 1 hour endurance fully loaded
  • 90 second event response
  • Arrival before field personnel

AEVATM is a first response, unmanned aerial system (UAS) designed to comply with State and Federal privacy and surveillance laws. She is a powerful new tool for emergency responders to save lives, protect property and serve the public without encroaching on constitutional rights or civil liberties.

AEVATM is the first unmanned aerial system designed specifically for domestic emergency services. She’s not a spy drone. She doesn’t circle your house for days at a time or peek in your windows. AEVATM responds when you call for help, to save lives, protect property and aid the public while reducing operating budgets of the agencies she serves.


When you call 9-1-1 to report a fire, traffic accident, burglary, prowler, robbery, alarm, or other critical emergency, the average U.S. fire and police response time is 8.5 minutes.

The Solution: AEVATM is the most visible part of a turnkey solution deployed citywide. Multiple air vehicles are installed across a region, remotely piloted from one central location. AEVATMcan be deployed within ten seconds of a 9-1-1 call. She can take off vertically, navigate autonomously and arrive at the incident within about 90 seconds. Launch, flight, navigation, hovering, return, landing and recharging are completely autonomous, supervised by the remote human pilot.

One pilot can fly many systems simultaneously (heavy call load) and multiple vehicles can execute maneuvers in unison at close range (public exhibition, air show or special event). Carrying a full payload of sensors, avionics and stabilized cameras, each vehicle can fly citywide or city-to-city for an hour between charges. If persistent coverage is needed onsite, vehicles can “swap relieve” as they take turns returning home to recharge.


Personnel Multiplier

Personnel Multiplier

Personnel Multiplier: An unmanned aircraft operated by field personnel is a waste of manpower and money. Field deployable systems require additional personnel onsite, taxing budgets and reducing efficiency. Emergency personnel need visuals before arrival to enhance safety, assess the situation and adjust their response accordingly. Upon arrival, field personnel need to respond to the situation, not pilot an aircraft. In contrast, AEVATM is a personnel multiplier that stretches your capabilities, as well as budgets.

Without early situational awareness, it is hard for emergency responders to allocate resources appropriately. Personnel can be diverted away from incidents where they are needed most. AEVATM offers a rapid ‘first eyes on site’ solution, providing emergency responders with the visuals they need to asses the incident and deliver an appropriate response. As a result, field resources are used far more effectively, and the responders know what they are up against before they arrive at the scene.


Budgeting: AEVATM was designed to help your budget, not destroy it. The funds for our unmanned aerial system may already be in your budget. They simply need to be allocated differently to yield much greater efficiency, enhanced safety and improved services. In most cases, federal funding assistance is also available.


Maintenance: AEVATM undergoes routine maintenance much like commercial aircraft. Maintenance and servicing are performed by Olaeris at regular intervals to ensure utmost public safety. Because AEVATM can land on any charging base station, she periodically returns to a central maintenance facility for inspection and service. All components have a strict maintenance schedule and an advanced maintenance software program tracks inspection and component overhauls, similar to manned aviation procedures. An electronic maintenance log is kept for each AEVATM platform, and is available for inspection by airspace regulators at any time.


Paradigm Shift: AEVATM integrates into your existing operation like any logical new technology should. We’re not proposing an uncomfortable paradigm shift in your agency’s operation or to revise your command structure. It’s like hiring more staff who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… for less.