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AEVA™ is the first civilian VTOL unmanned aircraft that was engineered from the beginning to pass FAA/EASA/CASA type class certification like manned helicopters. That's entirely different from a 333 exemption or COA exemption like radio controlled toy drones use. All AEVA™ components were sourced from certified aviation suppliers or custom fabricated by certified suppliers to the same specifications the world's leading aviation manufacturers like Boeing©, Airbus©, Sikorsky© and Bell© demand.
Components fit to 1/40,000th inch, a proprietary rotor design married to the duct design, titanium motor mounts, safety wired fasteners and bullet proof kevlar reinforced ducts are just some of AEVA's safety features: All industry firsts. If we put that much engineering on the outside, imagine what's hidden on the inside.


At the core of Olaeris is a pedigreed team of professionals with proven track records. All have been selected based on past experience, proven success, a common industry vision and a desire to create something lasting and inspirational.


Ted Lindsley

Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Olaeris, Ted's previous venture was a robotic satellite dish manufacturing company and satellite Internet Service Provider (ISP) very similar to the Olaeris business model that was sold to Andrew Corporation on the Nasdaq. In his early career he spent 13 years headhunting C-level executives, top business development candidates and key I.T. talent for more than 50 startup companies as well as companies well known on the Nasdaq today. He has been fascinated by helicopters since the age of ten when he tried (unsuccessfully) to build one in his parent's garage. Who could have predicted he would eventually reinvent the helicopter for the 21st Century.

    Michael Hentschel


    Michael is a technology growth manager with 30 years of hands-on corporate management and finance expertise including more than 12 years Venture Capital work in Silicon Valley. Some of his notable accomplishments include five IPO's, CFO of public and private firms, a 10-year equity fund track record of 25%+ p.a. and countless startup, Board member and growth projects. He has held full-time management and advisory positions in many client companies, including assignments as President, CEO, COO, CFO, VP of Development, and VP of Sales.

      Dr. Paul Pounds

      Founder & VP Engineering

      Paul built the largest multi-rotor UAS in the world in 2007 and is considered by many to be one of the world's foremost experts on VTOL unmanned aircraft designs. He also did the first groundbreaking work on grasping and manipulating packages using multi-rotor aircraft while completing his Post-Doc at Yale University. His original high-efficiency rotor designs have been copied by others in the industry but his true value to Olaeris is in the experience and knowledge that he did NOT publish during his academic career.

        Michael Dodd

        Founder & IP Attorney

        With more than a dozen patents already pending that extend beyond AEVA™ into other industries, Intellectual Property is a part of our DNA at Olaeris. Michael has drafted and filed nearly 500 original U.S. patent applications during his career and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications in the United States as well as foreign jurisdictions. His extensive experience in interview practice before the U.S. Patent Office and defending claims with examiners is an important asset to Olaeris. He also has extensive experience negotiating and drafting licensing and other types of technology transfer agreements which will become necessary as other companies begin to license and integrate Olaeris technology into their own products.

          Heather Williams

          Corporate Communications

          An adept "business processes translator", Heather spent her first 6 years with Accenture as an I.T. Project Manager. There she helped Fortune 1000 clients spanning the globe to launch new business units while living and working in 5 different countries and flying nearly one million miles. An entrepreneur herself, Heather then founded, grew and sold her own company prior to joining Olaeris. Having traveled to over 65 countries so far, she excels at bridging cultural differences and communicating objectives to all levels of technical understanding but most enjoys interfacing with partners, vendors and customers as our corporate evangelist.

            Dr. Fred Livingston


            Fred joined Olaeris from the North Carolina NextGen Air Transport Center, originally established under the NC Department of Transportation to thrust the State ahead in unmanned aircraft technology endeavors. He has developed control algorithms for autonomous aircraft navigation, colonies of autonomous robots using sensors to collaborate and complete a common task, and had six invention disclosure prior to joining Olaeris.

              Miguel Rufino


              A recent Master's graduate of North Carolina State University, Miguel was the software lead on a Firefighting Drone Challenge that successfully developed an autonomous collision avoidance system for quadcopters to be flown in fire fighting operations. Prior to this he worked on automatic classification of radar systems for 3Phoenix, a provider of anti-submarine warfare (ASW) sonar processing systems for the Department of Defense.


                Olaeris recruited a team of executive advisors who provided expert opinion and guidance through our early R&D years, our market entry and continued support through our ongoing business development. Their knowledge and guidance over the years has been important to reaching this stage in our evolution

                Brendan Keegan - Investment Capital & Strategy A technology leadership veteran, Brendan has raised nearly one billion dollars from venture capitalists, private equity firms and private investors, maintaining an internal rate of return twice the industry average through executing successful exit strategies. Brendan offers ongoing guidance on equity leverage and business development strategy.

                Greg Gerstenhaber - Business Development Greg earned an MBA from Harvard and is the youngest partner ever chosen at Bain. He is currently a leader and strategist in Bain's Aerospace and Defense practice, which includes work with prime contractors. Greg provides ongoing guidance on business development and market positioning.

                Tad McGeer - UAS Industry A legend in the unmanned aircraft and robotics industries, Tad is the founder of Aerovel, a long distance fixed wing UAV manufacturer. Prior to this he was a Founder and CEO of Insitu, a successful UAV manufacturer purchased by Boeing. Tad generously provides guidance regarding the UAS industry and strategies for overcoming obstacles to entry.

                Steve Chase - Liability & Aviation Insurance Steve has 25 years aviation insurance experience underwriting comprehensive policies in the aviation and aerospace industries including unmanned aircraft systems. He sits on the board of directors for Helicopter Association International and participates on a number of industry advisory panels. Steve provides insight on risk mitigation, compliance and insurance protection for responsible fleet management while collecting data points from Olaeris that can be used to educate the insurance industry on developing affordable product offerings for all UAV companies.

                Gene Hayman - FAA Compliance & Operations Gene has over two decades of aerospace industry experience and led Boeing's Advanced Air Traffic Management group. He served as the initial Industry Chair for FAA's Net-Centric Operations (NCO) Working Group, is currently Vice-Chair for AIA's Air Transportation Systems Committee and is Vice-Chair for Tech America's Aviation Committee. Gene provides guidance on FAA certification, compliance, and responsible fleet operation.

                Dave Gerhardt - Flight Training & ORM Dave is a USAF Academy graduate and command pilot with 11 years experience growing the Air Force UAV program as Division Chief and Operations Test Center Director. He supervised the training and certification of over 500 UAV pilots and UAV flight instructors annually. A subject matter expert, Dave provides guidance on flight procedures, integration, training and Operational Risk Management based upon thousands of hours of real-world manned and unmanned flight experience.

                Greg McNeal - Civil Liberties & Privacy Oversight Greg is a national security specialist and law professor at Pepperdine University. He is a regular Forbes contributor, served as Assistant Director of the Institute for Global Security and co-directed a transnational counter-terrorism program for the U.S. Department of Justice. He has provided Congressional testimony and was formerly an officer in the United States Army. Greg provides guidance on transparent UAV operations and procedures that comply with privacy and surveillance laws to protect the interests of the citizens AEVA™ serves.



                Strategic Partners: There are no hobby grade components in AEVA™ and critical flight systems have been engineered with multiple redundancies for safety. Olaeris has chosen the same components suppliers and manufacturing partners that the general aviation industry relies upon. Using the same processes, materials and suppliers as companies like Bell®, Boeing® and Airbus® means Olaeris can provide a 5-year, 2000 hour warranty on every AEVA™ aircraft. From titanium motor mounts and proprietary carbon fiber rotors, to Kevlar reinforced ducts and safety wired fasteners, you'll find AEVA™ manufactured to provide years of worry-free service, even in the most demanding conditions. If you feel your company should be aligned with us, please CONTACT US.

                Olaeris, Inc.

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                  For fastest response, please use the contact form below to make your inquiry and we will respond quickly. We have found that more than half of all elected leaders and public safety agencies have been misinformed about UAS technology capabilities, FAA flight rules, privacy issues and legislative guidelines on integrating our technology. Let us know you're curious and we'll set the record straight with reliable information you can trust. Olaeris highly recommends agencies purchase the MIG Report on UAS Buying Recommendations and Operating Guidelines. It is the most comprehensive report available for these agencies and will save your city the embarrassment of buying a hobby toy that cannot deliver the capabilities you need. If you're a commercial operator tired of being disappointed by hobby toys carried to your remote locations, let us know! A UAS is worthless if you have to carry it out onsite, set it up and fly it.

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